Clemson University, Lee Hall III

Our concept celebrates light, discovery, structure and energy  flow filtered through the lens of artistic expression. Energy is a theme that permeates the foundation of Lee III in many forms from geothermal heating and cooling emanating from the floors, to exterior elements such as sunlight and air currents into the open spaces, to the motion of occupants traveling throughout the building. Field of Vision’s rhythmic ebb and flow is a visual manifestation of these energy fields, making the invisible yet palpable forces visible. Algorithmic structures generated through the use of parametric software allow a field of forms to flow and sway together with a perceived collaboration. This collective swarm behavior is reminiscent of natural entities which aggregate together, reacting to their immediate environment dynamically. Although the flowing triangle forms appear to warp and curve, the composition is achieved through rotation and scale change alone. The triangle form is reflective of the geometric sensibilities within the space and the support columns, and is also a symbol of the culture of commingling between the programs of art, architecture, and landscape architecture.

Composed of dichroic glass, Field of Vision will shift between a vibrantly colored mirrored surface to almost transparent, depending upon the viewpoint and angle of light. By transforming the available light, the installation’s re effective surfaces call attention to the phenomena of light while also reflecting that light to illuminate the surface of the building. The artwork will change and morph as the angle of the sun changes throughout the day, creating kinetic patterns in response to the environment of Lee III. The ephemeral nature of the continually shifting transparency will create a living, ever-changing artwork that at times will dissolve into the architecture and then emerge again in a brilliant array of colors.

The laminated glass forms will attach perpendicularly to the finished surface using custom-sized channels painted white to recede into the wall. Parametric software that allows for maximum optimization of the fabrication will streamline the process from the initial design to the final installation. Created from a structured system of algorithms, Field of Vision is remarkably organic in form and will provide a sense of discovery for viewers, as it appears to continuously evolve.


Collaborators: I/O Studio