Art League Houston, Houston, TX

The memory of a complete experience consists of encoded fragments that are stored in various locations and retrieved during the evocation process. This series of works refers to the process of recollection and the premise that lost memory traces remain intact although hidden from your conscious mind. An extension of our previous body of work, Suspended Memory is inspired by personal experiences and inaccessible memories. Ambiguity is cultivated leaving an impression through interpreting, borrowing, and reconstructing. Translation by fragmented imagery, texture and transparent material flex and intermix with one another to present a visual poetry that recalls spatial networks or brain scans. These bits of distorted photography coalesce through time-lapse techniques to represent the passage of time, rendering them unrecognizable yet familiar.

 The fact that recalling our memories changes them means that they are relatively unstable. This phenomenon is referenced through imagined, neurological patterns cut into fragile materials and soaked in water, reflecting a robust record-keeping capacity that is also elusive and delicate. Given that our concept of the past is fallible, each passing moment renewed, and forgotten experiences buried, our transient reality remains suspended in time.