Private Corporate Collection,  Ausin, TX

Captured in this work are multiple images of various Austin environments, taken over multiple weeks, seasons and times of day that merge together to create a singular impression. Time-lapse techniques and digital manipulation are used to make various “moments” blur together and express the “passage of time” visually. Within one gesture, they communicate different atmospheric qualities of a given environment. Photography is, in itself, a sort of time machine that transports you to a moment - this work takes that notion and distorts it, obscuring the scene while keeping intact a hazy essence. Like a memory trying to resurface, it is a challenge to identify specific components, however the feeling it creates will resonate as a familiar experience and place. Morphed into a very organic, cellular-like pattern, the imagery conflates into legible biological forms. From a distance the overall mural reflects a lively, vibrant yet soft-edged impression of Austin landscapes. Upon closer inspection, the viewer may discover details that give away its specific locale.