Fresh Arts Gallery, Houston, Tx

Hazy Yet Vivid is an exhibition of new works from artist team, Shane Allbritton and Peter Bernick-Allbritton, which features freestanding wooden zoetrope sculptures, assemblages and collages. Using photographic techniques such as slit scanning and strip photography, which compress a sequence of images over time into a collection of strips composing a singular gesture, the artists reinterpret their immediate environment into elaborate visual distortions of memory retrieval. 

“We are curiously inspired by the paradox of visual memory whereby your perceptions in the present can seem vivid and your memories hazy, yet during recollection the roles are reversed as perceptions are fleeting, while your memories can feel very tangible. Working memory is a theoretical framework that stores and encodes multiple visual representations over time and when reconstructed can offer distorted impressions of a particular experience. Our abstract works express this structure and the process of memory recreation through deconstruction, reassembly, interactivity and movement with slit scanning and strip photography techniques that capture the passage of time in a single instant.” In their collaborations, Shane and Peter marry a dissimilar set of materials including acetate, printed acrylic panels, wood, paint, sculpture, and graphic animation to represent the many ways in which our recollections can be manipulated and altered.