Wild Blue Yonder, 1940 Air Terminal Museum, Houston, Tx

Rhizome is a series of tightly twisted, intertwining ropes that form a net of interconnectedness, simultaneously connoting deconstruction and construction of our ontology. The knotty, tangled structure is a visualization of a inner space(neural pathways), outer space(web-like forms of our observable universe), natural(twisting and winding roots), and artificial systems(tangle of electronic wires and the unseen visualization of interconnected internet users). All of these systems carry data, information, and life through a web-like form that is continuously growing and taking the path of least resistance. Everything is connected. 

One element can affect an entire system - Introducing chemicals into the soil will result in toxic crops, people and animals can become ill from breathing pollutants in the air, a digital virus can affect an endless network of connected computers. The tightly twisted ropes and dyes mimic how fragile these networks are. If one end of the rope is cut loose, the work will unravel. The dyes seeping into the ropes from the reservoirs above highlight how everything is connected and how effortlessly a foreign substance can move through the network affecting the system. The changing colors speak also to the indiscernible passage of time, as the dyes are slowly released, they will permeate and eventually consume the network. The colors red, green, and blue were selected as the palette given these three colors mix together to create all existing colors.

Curated/Organized by: Tommy Greggory, Volker Eisele, and Antarctica Black,

Photography: Jimmy Castillo, Pablo Gimenez-Zapiola